Thank you everyone.

Hello family and friends.

Well, it happened. We pulled off this weekend. Didn’t stay as composed as I would have wanted, but I’m glad that the events this weekend happened the way they did.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and gifts. Glenda, that journal is going to do we very well, my most private thoughts will be written in it. Steve and Becky, thanks for being there…it didn’t really become a conscience thought until last night that the problem I have calling you Aunt and Uncle is that you are really an older brother and sister. Oincsters…we have exchanged words…same with pilams…and choysters…it’s obvious.

I hope everyone at that party is able to read this, because everyone deserves to know how much it meant to me…it was the only way I could have gone out to Africa in sound spirits. It was the greatest gift that anyone can give and my thanks from the bottom of my heart. For some of you, it will be two years until I see you, others a little less. Either way, you all will be in my mind, body and spirit…we’ll be seeing each other soon.