Final Calm Before the Storm

Well, my contact information is posted here, and hopefully that new e-mail subscription from googlegroups will work well. I tried feedblitz too, but I figured we’ll keep everything in the google family. If anyone has any difficulty with using this blog, let me know because I won’t have time to diagnose while in Africa. Also, I suggest everyone that wants to be updated through e-mail to subscribe to this blog. Then I don’t have to remember everyone to put on an e-mail list, I can just post to this and it’ll send to everyone subscribed. As much as I’d love to have the time to write personal e-mails, I have a feeling that it may be difficult to do that.

Well, business out of the way…let’s get ready to PARTY. DJL will be spinning at my party…the hottest DJ this side of the Mississippi. So much to do…so little time…as Marvin Gaye says, “Day by day…where are we going?”

Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.


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