New York New York

Well, it’s about 6:45 am here, which means it’s about 4 in the morning over in Cali. Woke up for some odd reason, after a night of partying with all the pilams and couldn’t fall back asleep. In the few hours that I have been here, New York has already been fabulous…and crazy. I have to go to the store tomorrow to buy another mp3 player, since mine fell out inside a cab tonight. I was so tired, I didn’t even notice my headphones hanging by itself out of my sweatshirt until I had gotten up to Andy’s apartment on the 26th floor. At first I was frustrated, but it’s really no time to get upset about little setbacks now. Oh well, hopefully I can find a nicer one, for cheaper…it’s not like I’ll have time to spend the money once I leave the country anyways…

As the sun rises a long the atlantic ocean, and I sit in a room filled with young men, with at least 2 snorers, I can’t help but let my mind wander to those at home. It’s a odd balancing act that I have to accomplish, where I don’t want people at home to stop thinking of me, but at the same time, I want them to live their life, irregardless of whether I’m there or not. I guess the former is more of a selfish hope…but then again, the latter makes me feel better about leaving. Really at the end of the day, I know people won’t forget about me, but to those who my leaving impacted the most, please take care of yourselves and don’t let it affect your happiness. Ego centric? Perhaps, but a true worry of mine.

Nonetheless, life’s adventure has begun and I hit the floor running. It wasn’t more than 10 minutes before my first gin and tonic was placed before me, and my friends here spoil me…as shown by me waking up a 6, on the couch while most others were on the floor. All’s well that ends well.


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