First Day of Staging

Right now, I am chilling with my roommate right now, Eugene, the only other Asian American guy in my program, a Korean man from Washington State. Oh, by the way…Lagooners….Eugene is a Smash Brothers fanatic…hell yeah. Just got back from a dope bar in DC called, “Marvin,” a bar themed by Marvin Gaye’s time in Europe. We started the night with dinner, Law, me, Chari and his girl, Krishma. Ended it with my final shot in the US, with Mr. Law…fitting.

But, that’s the immediate. I’m sure everyone is wondering how my first day at staging was. It was excellent. As far as the program, we just did some ice breakers, talked about our fears and ambitions, and went over a few important points to cultural immersion. But, what was great is what wasn’t explicitly taught. All 16 volunteers in my program are awesome people, friendly and ambitious. After the first day, much of my anxiety is gone and replaced by excitement. It seems that Africa is a laid back place, full of nice people, who know how to live life. I think I’m going to Love Africa.

On a final note, as I should go to sleep since I have to wake up at a decent hour tomorrow, I just want to say that I love everyone. David Law, I know you will be awesome, and I’m counting on you. You too, Wei. Please take care of yourselves, and I’ll try to be good about keeping you up to date.

So far, amazing.



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