Magic exists here. Not the magic of a romantic evening nor the magic of a starry night in the mountains but real, Merlin, sorcery magic. At least that’s what it feels like. But it seems that a comprehensive understanding of this place requires one to understand this magic. It wasn’t long before I became acquainted with the nuances of culture, the subtle understanding of their life here, but it wasn’t until this weekend that I realized a vital key was missing; I didn’t believe in real magic. And what exactly it is I don’t know and even if I did, I’m not sure I could communicate it fully to someone who had not felt it first hand, but after realizing the magic, it seemed to open a whole new path for me to explore, and whole new understanding of The Gambia. The picture in the beginning of this post, is of the same dancer as the one below. It is a “mangpara,” a tranditional dancer, on stilts, that was in my village for celebration.
Another little tidbit is my favorite piece of furniture so far. In a place with no refrigeration, cold drinks is not available. So cold water is filled in these clay pots, called, “Jibada’s” and they keep water semi-cold…it is the best investment I’ve made…and I cover it with my one of a kind, tupac bandana that was bought here in the Gambia:
Congrats to Dr. Law, who graduated not too long ago and to Nikki who will graduate in a couple days. If you haven’t seen Law’s speech yet, you can see it on youtube:

It is times like these, knowing that people I love are going through some of the most important times of their lives that I want to be home the most. I just want to be there and let them know how proud of them I am, how much I admire their accomplishments and how their accomplishments I feel are mine too and that their triumph is a triumph in my life.

Well, aside from revelations of magic and missing the magic of home, I’ll end with this. I took a walk on a bush road, alone, and like decided to take a picture of myself, just for your enjoyment.

Enjoy the post, enjoy life and know my spirit is there with all of you for all the times I wish I was there in the physical.