Allow me to extend an invitation to explore our world together.   This society that we live in, supposedly more interconnected than ever before, sometimes feels as if it is becoming more distant.  Surprisingly, in this age of instant communication and the ability to travel to some of the most remote destinations in the world, many of us do not get the chance to have first-hand, real-life experience outside our immediate areas.  Adventure and volunteer travel have become increasingly popular as our society struggles to find other means to make real human contact and relationships.  Society today yearns to reconnect with each other as we access information from all over the world, but have yet to actually seen the tangible, feel the reality, to experience the true human interaction.  This blog hopes to help bridge this gap.  Although we can’t offer the real thing, we hope to document  these real experiences, and let you dive into the minds of others who have decided to live their lives experiencing it, so that you too may be able to find your own path towards reconnecting with the world.  Through understanding this world, we can work together to break through the shell in which most of us live and understand what wonderful a planet we share.  Through this beauty, we can understand that it isn’t ugliness of this world but the beauty of it that should foster our sense of responsibility towards humanity and our role as a global citizen.  While taking you on an adventure through the world’s different cultures we will also interview leaders from all around the world who decided to live their entire lives in pursuit of this human connection.  I’m pretty excited about this, aren’t you?  And lastly, thank you for making our world a better place.